If you have ever seen a mine in operation, you will know about the gruelling mechanical demands that are placed on machinery. For example, the dynamic brake resistors found in mining vehicles and other diesel-electric off-road trucks are constantly pushed to their limits. As you may know, these resistors dispose of excess electricity. This unused portion is transformed into heat and then dispersed through air-cooled resistor elements. Under constant use, it’s not uncommon for metal elements to glow “cherry-red” in the heat of daily activity, if the proper cooling is interrupted by mechanical issue or falling debris. Eventually, under these extreme conditions, resistors burn out—grinding your trucks and your business operations to a halt.

Gridcom provides a wide range of new and refurbished high-quality braking resistors for a variety of electric truck models—we can also supply the oldest models that aren’t available from OEM and other vendors anymore. And at Gridcom, qualified technicians test every new or repaired resistor to ensure that they fully comply with all OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications.

Gridcom offers the most diverse selection of resistors available to the industry—our specialized product solutions are designed to keep your business moving ahead. With you in mind, Gridcom’s new and remanufactured resistors are engineered to be superior quality products that are available at very competitive prices.

Dynamic Braking Resistors

Full variety of grid resistor models is being manufactured new:

D model

GRG01D37 - GRG01D108 - GRG01D120 - GRG01D123 - GRG01D135

B model* (Poly-Zi)

GRG02B37 - GRG02B108 - GRG02B120 - GRG02B123 - GRG02B135 - GRG02B118 - GRG02B119

C model* (Gridcom design)

GRG05C37 - GRG05C108 - GRG05C120 - GRG05C123 - GRG05C135 - GRG05C118 - GRG05C119

H model*

GRG03H37 - GRG03H108 - GRG03H120 - GRG03H123 - GRG03H118 - GRG03H119

(33)D series

GRG04D280 - GRG04D304 - GRG04D306 - GRG04D320 - GRG04D370 - GRG04D420 - GRG04D565 - GRG04D651 - GRG04D732 - GRG04D747 - GRG04D794 - GRG04D900 - GRG04D945 - GRG04D965 - GRG04D1060 - GRG04D1160 - GRG04D149E1 - GRSA04D

(33)J model

GRG08J280 - GRG08J304 - GRG08J306 - GRG08J320 - GRG08J370 - GRG08J420 - GRG08J565 - GRG08J651 - GRG08J732 - GRG08J747 - GRG08J794 - GRG08J945 - GRG08J965 - GRG08J1060 - GRG08J1160 - GRG08J149E1

LeTourneau Loader Braking Grids

GRGK1475 - GRGK1595 - GRGK1970 - GRGK1121 - GRGK1137

* MICA upgrade available upon request

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