Dynamic Braking Resistors

Full variety of grid resistor models is being manufactured new:

D model

GRG01D37 - GRG01D108 - GRG01D120 - GRG01D123 - GRG01D135

B model* (Poly-Zi)

GRG02B37 - GRG02B108 - GRG02B120 - GRG02B123 - GRG02B135 - GRG02B118 - GRG02B119

C model* (Gridcom design)

GRG05C37 - GRG05C108 - GRG05C120 - GRG05C123 - GRG05C135 - GRG05C118 - GRG05C119

H model*

GRG03H37 - GRG03H108 - GRG03H120 - GRG03H123 - GRG03H118 - GRG03H119

(33)D series

GRG04D280 - GRG04D304 - GRG04D306 - GRG04D320 - GRG04D370 - GRG04D420 - GRG04D565 - GRG04D651 - GRG04D732 - GRG04D747 - GRG04D794 - GRG04D900 - GRG04D945 - GRG04D965 - GRG04D1060 - GRG04D1160 - GRG04D149E1 - GRSA04D

(33)J model

GRG08J280 - GRG08J304 - GRG08J306 - GRG08J320 - GRG08J370 - GRG08J420 - GRG08J565 - GRG08J651 - GRG08J732 - GRG08J747 - GRG08J794 - GRG08J945 - GRG08J965 - GRG08J1060 - GRG08J1160 - GRG08J149E1

LeTourneau Loader Braking Grids

GRGK1475 - GRGK1595 - GRGK1970 - GRGK1121 - GRGK1137

* MICA upgrade available upon request



Resistor Repairs and Rebuilds

We at Gridcom understand that it is not always necessary to buy a new resistor—repairing equipment can be more cost effective. Our mechanics are experts at repairing and remanufacturing partially burnt-out resistors. This is our guarantee to you: We follow all OEM specifications and quality controls—repaired resistors will leave our premises in almost the same condition as new ones. And according to our satisfied customers, the resistors we rebuild last as long as new units.

Ask us about Exchange Programs we have in place for Canadian customers.



Individual Parts for sale

Resistors Parts

Gridcom supplies resistor parts to companies who wish to perform their own repairs, therefore we stock a variety of insulators and hardware. All our parts are completely interchangeable with OEM and are made only from the highest quality durable materials. If you have any questions about your needs, call our team of equipment experts for advice and assistance. We are committed to supporting and encouraging our customers to perform their own repairs.

Individual parts are still available for following resistor models:

  • D model
  • B model (Poly-Zi)
  • C model
  • H model
  • (33)D model
  • (33)J model


Diode Rectifier and Parts Used on Contactors

Besides resistors, we stock a variety of additional products for your mining vehicles. These products are completely interchangeable with OEM and are made only from the highest quality materials.

  • Diode Rectifier: P/N GDR01
  • Arcing Horn:
    • Horn Stationary GOCV1 (6711741P1)
    • Horn Stationary / Movable GOCS1 (8814906P1)
    • Horn Movable GOCMV1 (8814852P1)
    • Horn Stationary GOCMS1 (8814851P1)
  • Contact Tip:
    • Contact tip GMC1 (8867977P1)
    • Contact tip GSC1 (8867977P2/9960190G3)
    • Contact tip c/w silver inlay GSC1-S (9960190G7)
    • Contact tip GVC1 (6712788P1)
  • Arc Chute
    • Arc chute GZK1 (41C650088G2)
    • Arc chute GZK2 (41D750063G1)
    • Arc chute GZK3 (41D750051G1)